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box-autodromoThe Enzo & Dino Ferrari International Racetrack is renowned all over the world as an extremely technical and difficult to drive circuit, with complex corners, which can be driven at high speeds and which demands outstanding professionalism.

The origins of Imola’s Racetrack are recalled as follows by a very special witness, Enzo Ferrari, in a book he wrote in 1980:

“My first contact with Imola dates back to the spring of 1948. […] From the very first moment I considered the possibility to turn that hilly area into a small Nurburgring due to the natural difficulties condensed into the circuit that was going to be built, thus offering a really demanding track for men and machines alike”.


  • Track length for cars: 4,909 Km
  • Track length for motorcycles: 4,936 Km
  • 1st lap length for cars: 4,609 Km
  • 1st lap length for motorcycles: 4,724 Km
  • Direction: anti-clockwise
  • Track length: it ranges from 15 to 10 m
  • Maximum speed: cars: 330 Km\h, motorcycles: 290 Km\h
  • Corners: 9 right-hand and 13 left-hand curves
  • Maximum downhill slope (between the Piratella and Acque Minerali curves): 9.10 %
  • Maximum uphill slope (between the Acque Minerali and Varianta Alta curves): 9.38 %

paddock-autodromo-imolaMARSHALS’ LOCATIONS

22 main and 60 secondary locations




The medical centre consists of a standing facility equipped with two beds for intensive care with X-ray and ultrasound room. Next is a heliport which guarantees a quick and effective response.

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