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Imola's racetrack stands


Imola's Racetrack includes 11 stands, with a total capacity of 36,043 seats. They are located on the track as follows:

Stand A (covered)
Start: 3,047 seats.

Stand M (covered)
Start\Variante Bassa\Finish\Pits: 2,370 seats.

Stand I
Start\Variante Bassa\Finish\Podium\Pits: 2,831 seats.

Stand B
Tosa Corner\Villeneuve Chicane: 2,656 seats.

Stand P (green)
Tosa Corner\Villeneuve Chicane: 10,508 seats.

Stand D
Acque Minerali Corner: 517 seats.

Stand E
Acque Minerali Corner: 948 seats.

Stand F
Acque Minerali Corner: 948 seats.

Stand G
Variante Alta chicane: 1,624 seats.

Stand H
Rivazza Corner: 2,316 seats.

Stand R (green)
Rivazza Corner\Finish: 8,278 seats.

Lawn Areas

The “lawn areas” are located on 2 natural hills overlooking the Tosa and Rivazza Corners. Here, raging fans have always supported their motorcycling and car racing heroes with great enthusiasm. 
The total capacity is 43,500 people, of which 8,500 on the rowdy Tosa hill and not less than 35,000 eager hearts on the legendary Rivazza hill.

Overall capacity of the racetrack

More than  140,000 people.

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